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Motor vehicle accident lawyer Toronto, North York


Know Your Rights: Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario estimates that more than 30,700 people experienced a personal injury as a result of vehicle collisions in the province in 2021.

Accidents involving motor vehicles (MVAs) can be life altering. In some cases, injuries and medical complications can be evident to you or a loved one immediately following the incident. In other cases, physical and even emotional difficulties can develop over time. In either case, you or your loved one can be left with permanent challenges and losses that can negatively affect quality of life.

Understanding what happens following a personal injury sustained from a motor vehicle accident can help you better navigate the process while you rely on our experienced accident lawyers who can ensure the treatment and timely compensation you or your loved one deserves.

Types of MVA complications

In a single moment, an MVA could have devastating effects. Accidents can be a traumatic experience in a variety of ways for victims. There are the physical injuries that can cause pain and suffering. That can be intensified if you face a complicated recovery or one that is coupled with preexisting conditions that further hinder healing.

In addition, physical injuries can lead to loss of income, causing emotional and financial hardships as you determine how to continue to support yourself and your family. Add in the mounting medical bills, and it quickly becomes a troubling overwhelming ordeal.

You may also face a complex legal system and an adversarial insurance company that can affect your mental well-being. For all of these reasons, reaching out to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help ease the burden.

MVA claims in Ontario

You can file a personal injury claim against an insurance company if you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of someone else in the following motor vehicle situations:

In Ontario, most MVA claims have two parts – a tort claim and an accident benefits claim.

Tort Claim

When you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an MVA due to the negligence of another person, the resulting losses can be paid by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Those losses can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future income loss
  • Loss of competitive advantage
  • Past and future cost of care
  • Loss of housekeeping capacity
  • Loss of care, guidance and companionship

Accident Benefits

Also called no-fault benefits, accident benefits are paid by your own insurance company. Under Ontario law, any person injured as a result of a motor vehicle, whether they are the driver, passenger or a pedestrian, is entitled to no-fault accident benefits.

Those benefits can include:

  • Medial and rehabilitation expenses
  • Attendant care expenses
  • Income replacement benefits
  • Caregiver benefits
  • Non-earner benefits
  • Housekeeping expenses

The experienced personal injury and insurance lawyers with Singer Katz can help you navigate both types of claims.

FAQs about motor vehicle personal injury:

When should I file a claim?

There are many rules and restrictions for motor vehicle accident claims, and the system is, unfortunately, very complicated. Therefore, it is important to apply for benefits as soon as possible after an accident and to be sure that you apply correctly. The sooner you file the claim, the more quickly an experienced personal injury lawyer can become involved to advise of your legal rights.

How can a personal injury lawyer from Singer Katz help?

You have already been through a devastating experience as a victim to a motor vehicle accident. The last thing you need is to deal with the complex and challenging process of navigating an injury claim alone. With many years of experience, we know the system well and the right way to get clients the compensation they deserve.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer to handle my claim?

We at Singer Katz know how financially devastating an injury from a motor vehicle accident can be. That’s why we offer every client a free initial consultation to discuss your claim. We offer consultations via phone, email or a virtual or in-person meeting. Additionally, we can travel to you when your injury prevents you from coming to us. We also take most of our cases on a contingency-based fee, a win-win situation for our clients because there are zero upfront costs and you pay only if we recover money for you.