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Cyclists injured in motor vehicle accidents are often entitled to compensation

While most cyclists have a basic understanding of safety guidelines, more than half of Canadians who ride bikes say they have either been in an accident while cycling or know someone who has.

Cyclists are vulnerable users of our roads. While there are dedicated bike routes and laws to protect riders, many cyclists are injured due to the negligence of vehicles on the road. Bicycle accidents can cause significant harm including traumatic brain and orthopaedic injuries, and in the most tragic situations, death.

When a cyclist is injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may be eligible for compensation. When a car is involved in an accident, cyclists are entitled to make an Accident Benefits or No-Fault insurance claim to their own insurer or to the insurer of the vehicle that was involved in the collision. They may also be able to make a claim against an at-fault party, including another cyclist, driver or municipal authority for causing injuries.

The bicycle accident claim process can be long and stressful and the goal should always be to avoid the need by staying safe.

Here is a summer riding safety refresher:

  • Ensure bikes and helmets are the proper size
  • Avoid long scarves or loose clothing as to prevent catching in wheels and bike chains, and always make sure shoelaces are tied
  • Assume drivers don’t see you, and keep an eye out for drivers exiting parked vehicles
  • Wear bright, or ideally reflective, clothing when riding after dark
  • Use the proper hand signals when turning and stopping
  • Put a bell and lights on your bicycle to ensure being seen and heard
  • Bad weather almost always has a negative effect on driving conditions, extra caution is important in the rain and when there is low visibility
  • Never text and ride, and leave the headphones off

When you or a loved one is involved in a cycling accident, it helps to have a trusted bicycle accident lawyer assist with the process as there are specific deadlines that need to be considered.

This summer, ride safely and know help is here if ever needed.

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