Property loss claims

Property loss claims

We buy insurance for our homes and businesses to protect in case of a loss.  Insurance is a peace of mind product to allow us to sleep at night knowing that if the unimaginable happens we have coverage.  Water damage claims, fire claims and theft are some of the most common property losses.  Most people will not know what is covered under their policy and how much insurance they have until after a loss occurs.  Insurance companies are happy to accept your premium payments but you make a claim they can be difficult to deal with.  In some cases they may delay payments and in others deny the claim.

Insurance companies have to treat their insureds fairly.  This means they have to handle claims efficiently and pay claims quickly.  They must have valid reasons to deny a claim.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen.  We see many cases where insurers have wrongly denied a claim or have undervalued a claim.  Our experienced insurance lawyers understand insurance policies and the claims process.  They will employ the necessary tools to get you compensation.  This can include technical experts such as engineers, loss valuators and independent adjusters.

Our lawyers will ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve.  Our lawyers have been successful in obtaining awards for punitive damages where insurance companies have wrongly denied an insurance claims.  Punitive damage awards are rare  and hard to obtain.  The lawyers at Singer Katz LLP have obtained 2 such awards for their clients.



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