Wrongful dismissal claims

Wrongful dismissal claims

The contractual relationship between an employer and the employee does not give room for the employer to dismiss the employee without sufficient notice. In lieu of sufficient notice, an employer may choose to pay the employee a reasonable amount. When an employee is dismissed without any of these, a wrongful dismissal is said to have occurred. If you have or you know someone that has ever been a victim of a wrongful dismissal, your experienced lawyers would be more than glad to help you handle your case. You deserve a fair compensation for the financial loss and emotional distress that may have accrued from the wrongful dismissal and we are in the business of helping you fight for your compensation.  


Helping you through your difficult time

Losing your source of income could be financially devastating. More than that, however, the psychological blow it deals you and your dependents could be irreparable. This is one of the reasons why figuring out what can be termed as a ‘fair compensation’ could be difficult. However, you can trust our professionals to render the best possible service in order to help you get through your difficult moment.  


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If you feel you were wrongfully dismissed at your workplace, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. Our experienced employment lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of employee-employer contracts. We will help you figure out what your rights are and if they have been violated, we will waste no time in swinging into action in order to help you get justice.