Product liability claims

Product liability claims

Consumers are at the bottom of the product distribution chain. Everyone else on the chain including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers owe consumers a standard of care when it comes to the safety of the products. A dangerous or defective product is not expected to make it to the hands of the consumers. A failure to fulfill this obligation due to negligence on the part of anyone on the distribution chain could result in a serious injury to the consumer or sometimes death. The defect may occur at the design stage, manufacturing stage, storing stage or any other stage of the product lifecycle. An example is an electrical appliance that overheats and explodes, causing harm to the user. Food items are also frequently implicated in product liability claims.  


Experienced personal injury lawyers at your service

No matter who is responsible for the defect in the product, you shouldn’t be the one to bear the consequences of the damage. Our experienced personal injury lawyers have handled countless product liability claims and you can trust us to help you get closure. It is important to help you get the appropriate compensation for your loss. However, it is also important to ensure others are protected from the danger posed by the product. By calling our experienced personal injury lawyers, you may be saving many others if it is discovered that a whole batch of the products is defective. The earlier you place the call through, the better. If you’ve experienced any harm arising from a defective product, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  

Your well-being is our priority

We understand every product liability claim is unique in its own sense. While we would stop at no length to ensure justice is served, the well-being of our esteemed clients is our topmost priority. We move swiftly to ensure our clients get the best of medical care in cases where this is necessary. We then work to reach a favorable agreement with the other party as soon as we can. In the event that they remain uncooperative, we are not afraid to go all the way in a bid to ensure you are not denied what is rightfully yours.