Insurance Broker Negligence Claims

Insurance Broker Negligence Claims

The provision of expert advice is a core part of the duties of an insurance broker. When the advice given does not meet the standard prescribed under the law, the broker becomes liable. Such advice could put you in a situation of insufficient coverage or worse, make you lose your rightful coverage. Whenever that happens, you should not be the one to bear the brunt of the incorrect advice. If you have insurance broker negligence claims, call our experienced lawyers who can help you secure your rightful compensation for the negligence of your insurance broker.  

Underinsurance Claims

After a large insurance loss, a business or homeowner may find out unexpectedly that they did not have enough insurance coverage.  Insurance companies may only pay up to their policy limits which can at times be insufficient to cover the losses.  An insurance broker or expert may not have properly advised on insuring to full value.  In some situations the losses can prevent a rebuild or full replacement of the loss.  Our experienced lawyers understand insurance broker negligence claims, and can assist to recovery those losses.

Experienced insurance broker negligence lawyers at your service  

Broker negligence can occur over a wide variety of insurance policies. Insurance brokers can advise people on disability, life or residential and commercial property insurance policies. No matter the policy, the expert advice your broker offers should not put you in a losing situation.  Did you know that all brokers in the Province of Ontario are regulated. Our expert insurance lawyers have handled numerous insurance broker negligence claims and we are well aware of the intricacies of such claims. However, we treat every case as unique. First, our lawyers try to gain an understanding of your situation and whether there has been negligence. After we have reviewed this, we are able to value the compensation you deserve and make the necessary moves to help you secure it.  


Helping you in your time of need with an insurance broker claim

Often, you are not even aware of a broker’s bad advice until when you are in dire need of the coverage. This is the worst possible period to discover you trusted the wrong professional and you might find the situation too difficult to handle. The best decision you can make is to call on our experienced insurance broker negligence claims lawyers. We are capable of negotiating the appropriate settlement for your loss. And when both parties are unable to agree at the negotiation table, we are not afraid of going all the way to trial with the case.