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Ensure the focus is on recovery after a motor vehicle accident

Accident benefits can make the difference between a recovery that is focused on regaining health and one that is compounded by the pressures of lost income and growing expenses.

The accident benefits coverage in insurance policies provides compensation when an individual is injured or killed by a motor vehicle regardless of who is at fault.

Fortunately, this coverage is mandatory for all drivers on Canadian roads.

The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) is part of the Insurance Act in Ontario and outlines what must be covered in an auto insurance policy.

At a minimum, the policy will cover:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses for any reasonable and necessary treatment not covered by pre-existing insurance policies;
  • Attendant care expenses for personal tasks an injured person cannot do themselves;
  • Any loss of income up to a maximum amount per week should an injured person be unable to return to work; and
  • Funeral expenses and compensation for immediate family members if an individual is killed in an accident.

Additional expenses that can be covered as part of the SABS include:

  • Lost educational expenses if the cost of tuition, books and other educational costs is lost due to injury;
  • Visitor expenses to cover the travel cost for visitation of family members and friends throughout the injured person’s recovery;
  • Damages to personal belongings in the accident; and
  • Costs of examinations related to treatment necessary for recovery.

Worrying about insurance coverage and what financial support is available should not be the focus of a person who is recovering from a motor vehicle accident. The help of a personal injury and insurance lawyer can have a big impact on reducing stress and accessing financial support at the time when you need it the most.

For more information about your rights regarding SABS benefits, contact Jason Katz or Jason Singer today.

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