Post by: / December 5, 2018


I found myself in a situation of having to fight for disability benefits that I thought I was entitled to.  Not only was this a shock but now I had to put my life in a stranger’s hands. Jason Katz is not your “normal“ lawyer.  He actually cares about you as a person.  He explains everything right from the start.  He advises that you are in the driver’s seat and have the final say.  However, I hired him for his experience and knowledge so I always appreciated his advice.  Jason is working for you to get the best possible outcome.  I called him my dream lawyer.  I had always heard horrible stories about lawyers but Jason was the polar opposite of those stories.  Jason and his team are compassionate, personable and, the most amazing thing I found, returned most calls within 24 hours.  I have referred him to numerous others and all have had the same experience.

Kudos to Jason and his team.  Keep up the amazing work!