Post by: / November 19, 2018

D.C. in Port Dover

I am writing this testimonial today after months of thinking but not really knowing or understanding how to express the words to form my deepest gratitude for Jason Katz and his staff. IMMEDIATELY, they made me feel safe! They all had a compassion I needed after my accident, catered to my endless questions, always being patient, and all of them helping me towards this path I’ve achieved of financial freedom. It was a long haul, sometimes frustrating, but my overall benefits from Jason’s expertise and negotiating skills created a reality for me that took this tremendous weight off of my shoulders, a weight that was very depressing sometimes.

Jason guided me through an insurance process this was time consuming and sometimes aggravating, but, in the end, was very rewarding! I am not in a wheel chair, and all insurance companies designated me to be CATASTROPHICALLY INJURED. I was ordered to MANY insurance examinations by the Insurance Companies that questioned my status. I was examined by many Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiatrists, Rheumatologists, Psychiatrists, etc. and with Jason’s guidance attended many MRI’s and Cat scans to create the objective evidence needed to solidify my claims. Jason’s knowledge re: claims such as these provided the backbone to my settlements. I could literally talk much more about this and how it has affected my life in a positive way, but I think my point is clear. Jason Katz is a class act!

On a side note, I have referred to Jason two other friends and friends of family, and BOTH of these parties were declared catastrophically impaired by their insurance companies for their particular injuries. I strongly suggest to anybody with a personal injury complaint to contact Jason Katz directly.

I thank you, my friend Jason Katz, for a job WELL done!!!!”