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Question and answers: CPP disability benefits


What is the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit?

This is a monthly benefit for individuals who have contributed enough to the CPP to date, and are permanently unable to work due to a disability.


How much does the CPP benefit pay?

The CPP disability benefit amount varies depending on contributions made to the CPP. In 2020, the maximum amount is $1,387.66. The benefit will increase each year with inflation and this monthly benefit is taxable.


What about dependent children?

Dependent children younger than 18, or those in school full-time and under the age of 25, can receive a monthly benefit as part of their parent’s CPP disability benefit.


Who is eligible for the CPP disability benefit?

To qualify for the CPP disability benefit, you must be under the age of 65, and suffer from a severe and prolonged disability and cannot work at any job.


What is a severe and prolonged disability?

The word “severe” requires that you have a disability which can be physical or psychological that regularly prevents you from working. The word “prolonged” requires that you have a disability that is long-term or indefinite.


How do I prove that I am disabled from working?

You require evidence to prove a severe and prolonged disability. The evidence should include medical evidence diagnosing and explaining the condition, why it is disabling, and that it is unlikely to improve. Medical information should come from a family doctor as well as specialists.

The evidence should also include information about how the disability affects you on a day to day basis. This should include why you are unable to work from a real-world perspective.


What is the role of a lawyer in CPP disability benefit cases?

While the application process for CPP is meant to be completed without legal help, many people can be overwhelmed by the requirements. We assist our clients in applying for CPP disability benefits.

In many situations, claims for CPP disability may be denied by the Ministry of Social Services because they don’t consider the disability to be severe and prolonged. Our lawyers can then assist you in the reconsideration process and with an appeal. There are short deadlines to file for an appeal that must be met and often more evidence may be needed to succeed on an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal of Canada.


Can I receive CPP disability and other insurance benefits?

The interaction between various benefits systems can be complicated. Most insurance policies will offset for CPP disability benefits. This means that your long-term disability benefit will be reduced by the amount of your CPP benefit. CPP disability benefits may also have an impact on claimants receiving WSIB benefits. CPP disability benefits will generally also reduce the amounts paid for an income replacement benefit in an accident benefits file and a loss of income claim against an at fault party.


What do I do next?

We often see a need for supplemental support, and one area many of our clients can turn to is CPP disability benefits. For those who have suffered a significant injury in an accident, or who have applied for long-term disability benefits and have been denied by their insurer, we can help.

We understand what tribunals look for and have the expertise to advocate on your behalf and secure the reports needed to succeed in a disability claim.

If you have been a victim of an accident or illness that has left you permanently unable to work, our personal injury lawyers are prepared to do the work necessary to get the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today.


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