Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Toronto

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Toronto

Injured in a motorcycle accident?  Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help.  Motorcyclists are considered vulnerable users of the road because they have very little protection in an accident.  Riders can also be harder to see for other drivers because of the relatively small size of their vehicles.

While riding a motorcycle can be thrilling and safe, unfortunately, riders are at a much higher risk of serious injury or death if involved in an accident.  Our team of lawyers can help you navigate claims that arise from a serious motorcycle crash.

When you are injured in a motorcycle collision, our lawyers can assist you in getting compensated for your injuries and losses.  As a motorcycle is considered a motor vehicle, in Ontario an injured person is entitled to make a claim for Accident Benefits with their own insurer and also a claim against any at fault parties.  This can include drivers of other vehicles, the Province or municipalities, and auto shops and dealers depending on why the accident occurred.

Motorcycle accident statistics show an considerably higher rate of death and serious injury as compared to cars.  While many riders take their health and safety seriously, reckless and dangerous driving are leading causes of accidents.  Even where a motorcyclist may be at fault or partly at fault for their accident, there can be compensation available to the injured rider and their loved ones.

Motorcycle accidents can cause a host of significant injuries including traumatic brain injuries, orthopaedic injuries and in the most tragic situations, wrongful death.  Our helpful motorcycle accident lawyers can help.  Contact us now for a free consultation.