Post by: / February 1, 2020

Higher Premiums for Snow Removal Companies should be reframed as an Important Incentive not a Punishment

In response to recent articles, higher premiums should be an incentive for snow removal contractors to perform a competent job. 

Industry’s suggestion that there now be a 10-day notice provision created for private property owners is a big problem for slip and fall victims and their personal injury lawyers.  

The average person has no idea that falling on public property is significantly different than falling on private property nor that a notice of a claim is required almost immediately. 

This will significantly increase the number of victims who find themselves out of luck in accessing compensation. In addition to lack of awareness, finding out who is the occupier of the land could easily require more than 10 days to investigate.

It would be prudent to consider all viewpoints before making any changes to the law. 


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