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For us, it’s personal: What’s behind this important Singer Katz message

For us, it’s personal.

These words are prominent on the Singer Katz website and the message of a new ad campaign. We sat down with Jason Katz and Jason Singer and asked what that tagline means to them beyond a clever take on the personal injury and insurance law they practice.

What does “It’s personal” mean to you?

It’s personal means that we take our clients and their issues seriously.  They are not just a file to us. They are real people with real problems and we treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.  

How does this manifest over the course of their case?

Over the course of their case, our clients develop a genuine bond with us and are thankful they chose our firm.  We do not just show up for the initial client interview trying to convince them to retain us.  We are their lawyers from the beginning to the end.  We have carriage of the file throughout and give them advice on all major decisions.  They can always reach us.  Our “door is always open”.  

How can someone looking for a new lawyer know if that lawyer will “make it personal”?

When looking for a lawyer we often tell potential clients that they should be asking a few preliminary questions:

1) Will this be my lawyer throughout the case? Some lawyers will meet with a potential new client at the outset but then immediately refer them to another lawyer in the firm once they are retained. An accident or insurance dispute is a major event in someone’s life and you should know who you will be dealing with from the start;

2) Does this lawyer have a history of taking cases to trial or do they simply settle or refer the matter to another lawyer when the going gets tough?  Everyone prefers to settle but if the insurance company knows the opposing lawyer won’t go to trial then they will attempt to lowball you; and

3) Do you think you will get along with your lawyer? Is this someone you want to be dealing with? This individual will likely be in your life for a number of years so it is important for your lawyer to be approachable, patient and empathetic. 

Singer Katz: For us, it’s personal. Now, you know why. If you have any questions for Jason Katz or Jason Singer contact us today.

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