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Advocating for clients during COVID-19

Future history books will, without doubt, show this was one of the most trying times in every aspect of our lives. We are being tested on our ability to listen and stay home; to innovate our businesses and bring new ways to service customers; and in our fortitude as parents, teachers and neighbours.

Despite the court system being primarily closed and the cancellation of many discoveries and mediations as a result of the lockdown, Singer Katz is working hard for our clients and pushing matters forward as much as possible in the circumstances.

In the past few weeks Singer Katz continues to:

  • speak to clients to check in. Our relationships with clients are built on trust and connection. Anxiety is high, wondering what will happen to their cases, compounding already difficult situations. We have encouraged clients to lean on us, to ask their questions and to stay strong as we help them fight for what they need.
  • connect with insurance adjusters and defence counsel who are more accessible. The ability to explain client situations to insurance companies and their representatives is critical. The deeper and more meaningful the discussion, the more successful the outcome will be. We are using this time wisely to access the influencers on the other side.
  • successfully resolve cases. In some matters, there is an increased willingness to consider options and seek common ground without protracted and expensive litigation. Parties are gaining perspective and reflecting on their priorities. This had led to less hostility and more problem solving in certain situations.

Indeed, the files that require further litigation will be forced to wait longer during this period of physical distancing but for many other cases lawyers and insurance companies are increasingly looking for creative ways to settle.

A good lawyer today is actively looking to circumvent the normal protocol and is reaching out to clients, adjusters and opposing counsel. Their priority remains the compensation their clients deserve but their willingness to innovate and be open to new solutions is more important than ever.

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